How to Use Canon Printer as Network Printer


Do you have many computers in your home or office and you want the whole of those to be printing through only one printer? Or you are a Canon printer user and want all your computers to print documents through your canon printer? You are on the right platform to get your worries resolved!

In this article, I will explain in detail how to use your canon printer as a network printer. Making use of your canon printer as a network printer is a very easy thing to go about if you can follow the procedures which I’d be giving in the article below step by step.

Canon Wireless Printer Setup

  1. Install the product furnished with your standard printer: – Try to introduce the product gave your ordinance printer on any PC on your system. The product associates your printer to the system physically, if fundamental, and introduces required drivers. Pursue the guided prompts to introduce the product.
  2. Turn on your Canon printer: – Turn on your Ordinance printer and associate it with your system. If the printer is a wired association, at that point interface the link to an accessible port on your wired switch. If you utilize your PC as the switch, associate the Ethernet link to an accessible port on your PC. For remote associations, don’t interface the canon printer to your PC except if the product instructs you to do as such. Utilize a USB link to interface it if vital.
  3. Give time for the installation to finish: – Enable the product to complete with the installation process before you can move to the next step.
  4. Click on the Start button: – If after the installation gets completed, then you have to Go to “Start” on your computer and then initiate the administration process.
  5. Go to the Devices and printers on your PC: – After running the administration, then just go straight to the devices and printers and then you can click on the “Devices and Printers.”
  6. Go to include printer: – If after you might have selected the Devices and printers, then you can select “Include a Printer”to include your preferred printer.
  7. Add a system: – Pick “Include a network or Bluetooth printer.”
  8. Choose your printer: – Pick your ordinance printer from the rundown of accessible printers. At that point Press Straightaway.
  9. Click the introduce driver: – Install the printer’s driver software if by chance windows can’t locate the best possible driver by inserting the canon driver’s software installation disk.
  10. Set default printer: – Pick whether to set the printer as your default and press “Completion.”

Note: –

Everything that’s written above really depends upon your Canon printer model, programming establishment may not be fundamental. Do not hesitate to consult your Canon client manual before you introduce the printer or you can as well run a check on my previous article regarding Canon wireless printer setup. However, if you have numerous PCs in your home or office, you should simply rehash the above strides in the whole PCs which you like to associate with your ordinance printer.

Canon Inkjet Printer Service

I hope that you find this article helpful and I as well hope that by now you can understand how to use canon printer as a network printer. If at all in case you are having any more questions or any difficulties regarding this, do not hesitate to contact the Canon Printer Support for more detail. Thanks for reading and I appreciate your time. Stay tuned for more write-ups from us and till then, stay blessed!

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