How to Connect Canon Printer with Your Desktop


Wondering if to connect your Canon printer with your desktop computer is a good idea? Of course yes! You can connect your Canon printer with your desktop to your computer, in this article, I will highlight some guidelines which you need to follow regarding on how to connect canon printer with your desktop

Interfacing your PC with a standard remote printer can be muddled now and again. So, you need to deal with numerous things while associated with a standard printer with your PC.

Nowadays, things are a lot less complex when it comes to connecting your printer to your desktop computer or your laptop. Regardless of whether you’re associating a printer legitimately with your PC, making a system set-up, or attempting to print from your advanced mobile phone or tablet, you can without much of a stretch print in no time flat. To cut the long story short, by following these below-listed guidelines, you will have your Canon printer up and running:

Network printer setup

Guidelines on how to connect canon printer with your desktop
  1. Set printer on your computer: – You have to set your printer on your computer and in other to connect your printer with your computer; you need to guarantee that it is well close enough so the link can arrive at your PC without strain.
  2. Install the driver that accompanied your printer: – To make the procedure simpler, introduce the driver that joined the printer before associating it. If you don’t have any driver programming, don’t stress. Windows will consequently identify the printer when it is connected.
  3. Plug the printer into your PC utilizing a USB cable: – If after installing the drivers which were accompanied by your printer and you must ensure to connect the printer to your PC with a USB port legitimately. Check if the printer has been connected to the power source and is turned on.
  4. Follow the prompts Windows gives to introduce the printer: – Windows ought to naturally distinguish your new printer and introduce any extra required programming. Windows also come up with different updated programs and as well give compatible programs that will work with your printer device.
  5. Confirm whether your printer was introduced correctly: – if after you are done with the printer introduction and all, now you can proceed by opening the Control Board and then select on “Devices and Printers” and search your recently introduced printer on the rundown.
  6. Download refreshed drivers from the producer if your printer doesn’t install: – If your printer is still not appearing on your framework, putting in new drivers from the maker may resolve your concern. You can as well visit the Canon Printer Support and download the drivers for your printer model and help you through the connection procedures.
  7. Turn off your printer and then restart: – If after the printer has been successfully found by your Windows computer, you can then either print or you can as well turn off the printer for some while before using it for some work.


Haven said these, I hope you found this article helpful and hope that by now you can confidently connect your canon printer to your desktop even without calling the canon printer support. lest I forget, have you checked-up on the previous article I wrote regarding the 6 Easy Steps to Install and Setup Canon Wireless Printer? Kindly spare some time to check it to have concrete insight on how to install and as well set up your canon wireless printer alone with ease. Thanks for reading and stay blessed!


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