7 Tips on How to Connect to Canon Wireless Printer With Your Windows Desktop


As time goes on, Canon keeps on advancing in technological aspects while coming up with different advanced printers having numerous features, unlike the olden day’s printers.


But the shocking aspect of it all is that the more advanced technology is; the more complicated it turns out to be in terms of setting up without requesting the Printer Installation Service. Meanwhile, nowadays, people often have queries regarding setting up their wireless printer as well as connecting it to their preferred desktops or PC’s which makes most users think that getting a printer is a bad idea.


However, to get the ball rolling quickly, in this article I will be making everything look easy and straightforward by giving the 7 tips on how to connect to a Canon wireless printer with your Windows desktop.


Printer Installation Service.


The guidelines to follow to connect to your canon wireless printer with your windows desktop


If you are about to connect to your canon wireless printer with your windows printer, then you have to follow the 7 tips which I’d be listing below in this article.

  1. Check your printer’s network connection: – The very first step to take while you are about to connect your wireless printer to your windows desktop is to ensure the successful network connection of your printer.
  2. Endeavor to be in a place having a strong network signal:– Setting up your computer in an area where there’s a strong wireless network signal. By this, it’d be easy to ensure a successful wireless network connection from our wireless printer to our windows desktop.
  3. Check your printer’s user manual:– Endeavour to consult the user manual that came with the printer on the day of purchase. It helps most times as you can solve most errors with the help of the user’s manual.
  4. Prepare the wireless printer for connection: – For connecting your wireless printer, you have to make sure that your printer is well prepared to be connected. You can get your wireless printer to be connected via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network.
  5. Go to your computer to connect to your wireless printer: – By connecting your computer to your wireless printer’s network, you have to;
  • Open the home portion of your windows laptop or desktop by pressing the Windows key on the lower-left corner of your keyboard which looks like four waving flags near about two keys to the left after the space bar.
  • Go to settings
  • Click on the device settings
  1. Add your wireless printer now on your windows laptop: – Select the option “printers and scanner” to add your wireless printer on your windows laptop and it’ll show a series of the available wireless printer around your range. Search for your printer and then select your printer to add it to your windows computer.
  2. Finish: – Now that you have successfully connected your canon wireless printer to your Windows computer, you can now then allow free and easy connection between your Windows desktop and your wireless printer.


If after following the above-listed guidelines, you are still unable to connect your Canon printer to your Windows computer; you should endeavor to contact our customer care representative via the toll-free number 1-866-053-3032 for better Printer Installation Service

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